“All of Nature teaches, if properly perceived … ” Henry David Thoreau, Wild Fruits

This quote has become my guide and mission in life – to find the lessons in Creation. But it has also led me to look more closely at everything around me, to (try to) be truly present and observe. The more attention I pay to the little things in life, the more I am amazed by them.

I am a poet, novice naturalist, and wanna-be photographer. My husband, three kids (whom I homeschool), and I are blessed to reside in an stunningly beautiful Southern coastal town, where the opportunities for learning from Nature never cease. For over a decade now I have cherished my daily treasure of a few moments to watch and learn, mostly from Nature but also from just daily life, and write about it all (my kids tease that I do “homework for fun”).

My poetry … is inspired by so many greats, but especially Carl Sandburg, Mary Oliver, William Cullen Bryant, and the Imagists of the 1920s, particularly Adelaide Crapsey. I have been writing poetry since my early teen years, embracing the challenge of taming thoughts into poems. I believe there is a poem in every scene no matter how bland, every event no matter how small, and every experience no matter how insignificant.

My Poetography … blends my own poetry with my original photos. I have been enjoying photography for nearly as long as I’ve been writing poetry. In fact, I still love and use the old 1971 Cannon my Dad handed down to me when I was 19; of course, most photos I take these days are with my cell phone. Long before I knew the art form had a name, I would photograph the scenes that inspired my poetry, or snap photos that would illustrate my poetry.

I hope you enjoy my work – perhaps something will inspire to you to find the amazing in the ordinary. 🙂

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