My poetry … has appeared journals such as Reach of Song, Avocet, and online at NatureWriting.com, and won awards from the Texas State and Georgia State Poetry Societies. I am a huge fan of so many poets, but find myself greatly inspired by Carl Sandburg, Mary Oliver, William Cullen Bryant, Wes Murray, Louise Glück, and the Imagists of the 1920s, particularly Adelaide Crapsey. The challenge of taming thoughts into poems has intrigued me most of my life, and believe there is a poem in every scene no matter how bland, every event no matter how small, and every experience no matter how insignificant.

My poetography … blends my photography with my poetry. Long before I knew this art form had a name, I would photograph the scenes that inspired my poetry, or snap photos to illustrate my poetry. Though most photos I take these days are with my cell phone or digital camera, I still love and use the old 1971 Cannon my Dad handed down to me when I was nineteen.

My essays … have been published in local newspapers and books.

My services … include tutoring writing and grammar to students from fourth through twelfth grades. I also offer editing services, a position I have been enjoying for nearly 20 years. And finally, I accept commissions poetry, photography, and essays. More information about each of these can be found under “Services.”

My life … is amazing! My husband and I have homeschooled two of our three children from start to finish, and have one still in high school. We are so blessed to reside in a stunningly beautiful Southern coastal town that is also steeped in history. Here the opportunities for learning from Nature and history never cease, and I do my best to capture them through my work.

I hope you enjoy my work, and that you, too, will be inspired to find the amazing in the ordinary! 🙂

Thanks for visiting!